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Private Investors

Existing Private Investors who wish to make a follow-on investment only need to send the one-page Citadel subscription form to European Fund Administration (EFA) either by postal mail or by fax.

First-time Private Investors who wish to invest directly (i.e. not through a bank or broker) need to complete and send by postal mail: (1) the Information Form, (2) an officially certified copy of their identification and (3) the Subscription Form.

1) The Information Form
For first time investors, the Information Form is a legal requirement based on know-your-client regulations. There are 3 versions of the form:
A) The simple Information Form is for an adult who is subscribing for his/her own account;
B) The joint account version of the Information Form is required in case of a joint investment (e.g. spouses subscribing jointly);
C) The PoA version of the Information Form should be used when subscribing on behalf of a minor (or any other situation requiring a power of attorney). When parents are subscribing for their minor child, both parents should sign a power of attorney.

Note that all versions of the form are pdf forms that can be filled out on your computer using the Adobe Reader software. Alternatively, the form can be printed and filled out manually.

2) A certified copy of an identification document
This is also a legal requirement. Officially certified copies of your passport or identity card can be obtained from an official public authority such as your city hall/municipality, notary, embassy official, or your bank or lawyer. In case of a joint investment, the joint owners should both send a certified copy of their identification document. When subscribing on behalf of somebody else (e.g. a minor child), certified copies of identification documents of the child and both parents (the signatories of the power-of-attornies) should be sent.

3) The Subscription Form
Lastly, to indicate what amount (or alternatively how many shares) you would like to invest The Subscription Form is required. This form is also a pdf that can be edited on your PC using the Adobe Reader software.

Private Investors who need assistance with the subscription procedure are invited to contact us through or EFA.


Investing on behalf of a Legal Entity

When subscribing for shares to be held in the name of a company or association you are advised to contact EFA for details about the subscription process and document requirements. You can also write an email to: The following three forms can be completed to apply as a first-time Legal Entity investor:

1. Citadel Value Fund information form Legal Entity

2. Citadel Value Fund Beneficial Ownership form

3. Citadel Value Fund subscription form Legal Entity

Existing Legal Entity Investors who wish to make a follow-on investmen are only required to fill in the one-page Citadel subscription form and can send it to EFA either by postal mail or by fax.

Investors interested to invest in class X shares are invited to contact us through